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Helping people plot

a course through the

uncharted waters in

their sea of life


Our mission is to provide potentially life-changing opportunities for people from various backgrounds, through the maritime industry. By using our own vessels, the sea, traditional sailing and maritime educational experiences, as a medium to integrate people and underprivileged youths into a society they predominantly feel excluded from.

With sail training on board traditionally rigged vessels as our platform for the educational and therapeutic enhancement of these people, from all walks of life, backgrounds, institutions and situations. ​

We aim to offer the people who would benefit from our projects the opportunity to view their life from a completely different, rewarding, unusual and unexpected perspective and open the opportunity to change it.​

Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.

Ernest Shackleton

Nautical Rope

​​WOW seeks to build and strengthen participants to learn to live again, by providing a platform and the use of positive experiences to enable people on their  journey to a new “life destination”, thus creating opportunities to meet people they may never ordinarily come into contact with, communicate with or work alongside.

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