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Nautical Rope

SY Windsong is currently undergoing a crucial extensive refit in Cyprus to the tune of 80,000 Euros inclusive of facilitating her return by sea (no other option available) to the United Kingdom from where she hails.

By donating even a small amount you will contribute to this historically significant refit that will open the facility of our programmes to help people. 

If you share our passion for helping people and want to contribute on a closer and more fulfilling level we are more than happy to help you apply.

This is a great opportunity to learn an array of new things while simultaneously contributing in the most valuable way, by giving your time and care to a project creating life-changing opportunities.

While it may not be possible for companies to donate a brand new product they have sometimes been able to donate products that

may be last year's line, or

something that has had repair.

In return we are more than happy to advertise your service/product in any way possible. If you or your company is able to contribute find out more here.

Cost-free and quick. The easiest way to help us spread awareness and grow our community is simply a like, share,

follow or comment on any of our

social media platforms.

Don't feel like you have nothing to

give, we personally appreciate every

single contribution no matter how

big or small. Find us on Twitter,

facebook, instagram and more.

For us, help is the single most prominent service that allows us to continue to provide life-changing opportunities



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