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One team's trash is WOWfoundation's treasure!!

Aerial Boat Shot

Our donations come in many forms and what we have found with companies, while it may not be possible for them to donate a brand new product they were and have been able to donate to us products that may be last years line, or something that has had a repair or perhaps something that a customer had updated when his system had nothing wrong and wasn’t very old either. 

In return we are more than happy to advertise your service to us and others on both our website and on a particular part of the vessel/vessels so that it is clear who donated. We also admit it to the media team for them to apply it to our YouTube channel for unboxing episodes and thank you strips!

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If you believe you have a product you would like to donate and be advertised simply contact us on

Both of our main vessels are involved in very long legs at sea and require necessary items as opposed to luxury. 


As a foundation we are very grateful for any product donation and it does not have to be the biggest and latest model, in fact we’ve even gone so far as to ask for old systems being removed from Volvo ocean race yachts currently undergoing refits, so we really are not precious as to where it comes from.

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