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SY Windsong Built in 1931 - Restoration 2022


SY Windsong is currently undergoing a crucial extensive refit in Cyprus to the tune of 80,000 Euros inclusive of facilitating her return by sea (no other option available) to the United Kingdom and will be berthed at Littlehampton Harbour from where she hails. It is here she will be available to all our young crew to visit and view, to get a sense of what they will experience over a longer period of time whilst at sea with Wellness over Waves as participants of our structured programmes. SY Windsong will be the flagship for WOW in the UK and will sail around periodically in order to facilitate visiting candidates and to raise awareness for Wellness Over Waves during maritime festivals all over the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe. It is also in the UK where she will receive further works in order to bring her to UK category standard for the particular type of vessel and work she will do.​

Traditional sailing & rigging

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